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Welcome to the Index for Inclusion Network


Like inclusion, building this Network is an unending, shared process, so we need your help in sending us your ideas and experiences.


The Index for Inclusion Network is a not-for-profit organisation to support the participatory development of education systems, schools, pre-schools, higher education and other community settings according to inclusive values. It links people in more than forty countries who have used, or want to use, the Index for Inclusion book to help them. It also connects people who use similar ideas in order to create alliances with and between them.


At the heart of the Index are some thousands of questions structured around specific aspects of a setting. These can lead adults, children and young people to look more deeply at the nature of their settings in order to make sustained improvements.



This website will evolve as the focus of our work changes and we learn more about values led educational development across the world. At present we are supporting the use of the Index in 450 schools and many other settings in the county of Norfolk, UK.


Some values have the strength of imperatives. The website is dedicated to the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity in recognition of the limitations that environmental degradation of planet earth will increasingly place on the inclusion of ourselves and fellow creatures.

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